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Contact PersonContact DetailsCity
Collector Shri Joga RaoNAJaipur
DM West8902497917Tripura
Shri Bhaskar Rao9480801001Banglore
Manoj Kumar0381 2413200Tripura
Shri KS Ganger9958894664Goa
Shri Santosh Desai9822488911/8322437244Goa
Dr. Rajesh Sharma9414070990Rajasthan
Sikkim CMNASikkim
Chief SecretaryNAChattisgarh
Chetna Joshi7840840002Gurgaon
Shri Praveen Prakash9013133636Andhra Pradesh
Shri Ratnakar Rao9434770000Hooghly
Shri Shanmugham9444362062TamilNadu
Shri Shailendra Kumar688, Hapur Road, Near District Court,Sector 15, Sector 10 Raj Nagar Gaziabad up – 201002Ghaziabad
Mr. Virat9466072659 , 01722701900Chandigarh
Sub CollectorNAKrishna District
Sub CollectorNAGuntur
Sub CollectorNAEast Godavari District
Sub CollectorNATirupati
Smt Maneka Gandhi[email protected]Punjab
Shri Shivanand8105818846Karnataka
Shri Vivek Pansalkar9773199678Thane


Facebook Feed For Animal Volunteers Of India

14 hours ago

Meet Coco
Coco met with an accident about a week ago. We took her to the Veterinary Hospital and X-ray was done. The Veterinarian suggested for the muzzle but our team wasn’t satisfied.

We took her for the second phase of X-ray to Dr. Vikas Sharma and we got to know about her actual issues.

Coco has to undergo a surgery but there are certain complications due to infection, so we are waiting.

The estimated cost of the surgery is 7k-8k. Please donate, your every single help will be appreciated .


For donations,
Gpay/Phonpe: 9122939955
PayTM: 6203635183
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19 hours ago

Agast to find Cindy in this condition. I have been feeding her since past 5-6 months, when I extended my feeding behind the farms of Sector 21, Gurgaon. She evaded me earlier when I tried having her caught for sterilisation and she bore pups.

All pups were hale and hearty and being fed, and just one morning on my way to feed the family saw 4 dead bodies stacked neatly one next to another. Kudos to people around who poisoned the pups in the night. I got even more determined to have her sterilised this time by hook or by crook. Now she had only one pup who I guess didn’t have the food laced with poison. 😞

And today I had requested ambulance of Friendicos Gurgaon for having her caught and sent for sterilisation and what I get to see is her frail body with minimal movement.

I really don’t know what happened all of a sudden to this girl.

Doesn’t look like hit and run but some internal issue.

Plz help with some amount for this girl as I am flooded with cases left and right, my timeline can be checked for the same. 🙏🏼🙏🏼😞😞

You can directly donate to Friendicos Gurgaon also, kindly let me know I will share their bank account details as Friendicos Gurgaon has a separate bank account from Friendicos Defence Colony, Delhi.

Treatment- Rs.5000, which includes ambulance charges, treatment cost and any tests done for her
Sterilisation- Rs.2000, as I can not afford to have her released without this

Paytm/ phonepe/ GPAY/ Bhim- 8377966926
Paypal- [email protected]
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1 day ago

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4 days ago

न्यूरोलॉजिस्ट अल्जाइमर रोग के हमारे जोखिम को कम करने के रहस्य को साझा करते हैं। See MoreSee Less

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